slowpoke: by me (leaf~)
slowpoke ([personal profile] slowpoke) wrote2010-02-01 11:36 pm

moonlight's away.

I'm really tired of school. I just feel like it's pointless. Maybe I'm just too lazy. Maybe.

I like learning, but not when I'm obligated to. I don't like doing anything I have to do. Which is slightly problematic. Ah well.

I should be getting started on applying to that school so I can transfer next year. :x ergh. I don't want to go to school, but at the same time it is the gateway to the only opportunity for me to live away from home.

Which I still haven't decided if I really want to do, but I guess I've got to leave the nest someday.

I like Lady Gaga. HER SONGS ARE TOO CATCHY. /dies

I felt groggy and foggy headed and sleepy all day today. The mid-afternoons are the worst for me. I didn't go to Sociology, and instead took a nap. Luckily my boyfriend went to it for me and took notes and turned my paper in for me.


I have been PMSing really bad lately. That mixed with my recurring depression hasn't made ofr a fun week. At all. Hopefully everything will get better in the next few days.



hope is all I can do, anymore.

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