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slowpoke ([personal profile] slowpoke) wrote2012-02-19 11:43 pm
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sometimes i shock myself.

sometimes, when you're a little drunk and pretty stoned, standing in a dark room with only a dying candle giving you light, and a boy--a man--you're not sure what to call him--is crying into your shoulder and you're standing on your tiptoes to be able to give him a good around-the-neck hug and you don't know what to say but you stroke his hair and tell him it'll be alright because that's what your mom always did for you and you hope that you don't sound fake or too optimistic because you want to be taking his feelings seriously, but the truth is no matter how much you want to you'll never know what it's like to be him.

sometimes you'll get shitfaced and then go on a jaunty saunter through the woods and on a hike up a Butte but you'll be too retarded to make it more than halfway up and you'll stumble all the way down and cut up your hands and knees and muddy your ass when you slip in some mud and on the car ride home you won't be conscious enough to tell your friends that you're too sloshed to do anything but go back home and pass out in bed.

sometimes there's nothing really to say. sometimes you just have to do things and make an idiot of yourself and then take a deep breath and tell yourself;

who the fuck cares.

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